“Everything is possible in the food world,

you just have to make it happen”

 I’m The Natural Chef also known as Caroline. A young Norwegian chef who aims to help people live a healthy life through food and lifestyle. Through my cooking career I’ve always focused on introducing plant-based food to people in multiple ways. Starting as a chef at a hotel where I added vegan food to their menu as the first hotel and restaurant in our region. Later on I worked as a head chef at Beet and Company in Norway. A vegan restaurant which focused on homemade, local and organic food, quality food with fair pricing. My path then continued as a vegan food consultant, teaching chefs and restaurants all over the country about plant-based cuisine. On the side, my recipes has been printed in a Canadian magazine named Tofu, in a Norwegian book for school cantines, distributed in cooking shows and now my blog.

My food style is quite original. Based on French cuisine with huge inspiration from California in the US with a slight twist from Thailand, Norway, and other countries I’ve visited or studied their culinary world. My food concentrate on healthy whole foods, seasonal and organic as much as I can. Made with fresh and few ingredients where I let the produce speak for itself. I want my food to be fresh and therapeutic yet taste amazing. I’m a huge food geek. If I’m not making food or eating it I’m either thinking, writing, speaking or dreaming about past or future food projects. Salty main meals or desserts, replicas or new dishes, give me a challenge and I’ll give you the result. Everything is possible in the food world, you just have to make it happen.

Regardless of all of this, I have a huge sweet tooth. Without meaning it desserts just pop up in my head easiest and even though, I keep my recipes to be as healthy as possible. So desserts and cakes are made with minimum amounts of refined sugar and normally zero to a minimum amount of oil (as possible). This without harming the fantastic taste and feeling you get from eating a fabulous dessert. I want my food to be both nutritious yet easy to make and totally drool-worthy. To say it simply, I want my food to make you smile and feel good both while making it, eating it and digesting it. Food for both your heart and soul!

A little more about myself I’m a certified Natural Chef a.k.a holistic chef with several French cooking degrees up my sleeve. Specializing in plant-based food, nutrition and allergies I love a good challenge. I believe in and promote healthy, therapeutic and easy to make vegan dishes. I love cooking and I have always done. Ever since I cut potatoes with my grandmother when I was about 5 years old I wanted to become a chef. Later on, I have realized how powerful food is and what it can do to our health. There’s no way to oversee its power and it’s about time to speak up and let people know what real food meant for our body and soul can do for us.

Custom making food for clients, guests, and restaurants after their wish, desire, and health are what I love to do. Working with hotels, restaurants and one to one with clients I have changed and perfectionated their menus and diet. Improving their knowledge, menus, custom references and expanded their clientele I’ve put several professional businesses on the vegan food map.

From my consulting and cooking classes I’ve broadened the plant-based food horizon in a fun and easy way. In this showing both professional chefs, amateur chefs, and foodies how amazing, simple and tasty plant-based cuisine can be.

I have myself experienced just how powerful food is. When I was 16 I got diagnosed with several allergies (soy, wheat, peanuts, 3 different types of pollen, dust and a little to dogs) a couple of months after that I got results back showing high blood pressure. High blood pressure as a 16-year-old active and thin girl (52kg to 168cm tall) is disturbing. It shows that you can also be fat on the inside.

Over the following years, I completely changed my diet and as a result cured my allergies and high blood pressure going from a “healthy” very active omnivore background. Growing up in a hunter and fisher family where I learned how to fish, kill and clean my fishes from a very young age (3 or 4) and practicing several sports changing all of this to a therapeutic vegan whole food lifestyle with exercise, a good amount of sleep and no-calorie restrictive lifestyle saved my health. The day I draw the “connection” from animals to my plate and how industrial animals are treated in our society today there was no going back. From that day on everything change for the better, I educated myself and quickly learned how the healthiest way of living for us and our planet was a whole food plant-based lifestyle.

I was 19 and the year was 2009 when I realized all of this. Ever since going plant-based it expanded my horizons and made cooking even better and more fun (if that was possible). The amount of new dishes and flavors I’ve found in plant-based cooking over the years keeps on astonishing me every day. The more I learn, and the more I cook, the more I’m loving it.

My cuisine has changed a lot since then and for the better. The amount of knowledge and love for food I’ve collected in the plant kingdom is huge. Today I want to show you how wonderful and powerful food is through my consulting work but also through this site, youtube cooking shows, food reviews, food information, and general subjects such as how to live a healthy life, travel, sports and more.

Through my many travels to countries like Swede, Danmark, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Polen, Spain, Czech Republic, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, the Philippines, USA, Turkey, and Egypt I have seen and experienced many different cultures, people and good traditional food.  I like to summarize what I’ve learned from these countries and my cooking experience in Norway, France, Thailand, and the US here on my page.

Now I hope you get inspired and that you have a beautiful day!

Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food!


For the sake of our planet, animals and the human health I chose to operate this page. At the same time I hope to make cooking and eating something both you and your body look forward to.

Here are some testimonials about my food, recipes and teaching methods from foodies and clients alike.

– The Natural Chef –


Caroline has been a great source of inspiration after I went vegan. She made it a little easier to think about dishes as good food, rather than «what to replace meat within this dish». She also has the magical gift of making everything seem easy and possible when cooking. She is always happy to share her knowledge.

I have tried several of Caroline’s recipes, and they are all great, no compromise in the taste department, even if they are magically low in sugar, free of fat or whatever – they taste just as rich and sweet as the less healthy ones.

I have had the pleasure of cooking with her, both private and in a professional kitchen, and she has hands down one of the best work ethics I have seen. Hard working, knowledgeable and will always help anyone who is having a bad day.

She has great compassion and charisma, and it’s so easy to recommend her both as a good person and as a great chef.

Eivind Daniel Taranrød

Occupational therapist

As a self-professed “foodie”, I declare Caroline is the very best chef that I personally know. She brings a dedication and level of professionalism to her cooking, comparable to many of today’s contemporary chefs seen on television. 
As a diner, I am constantly amazed at the depth of flavors she provokes and I have never been disappointed in anything she has prepared. I am always satisfied and yearning for more after a dinner prepared by Caroline. 
As a vegan chef, Caroline consistently demonstrates that taste and quality do not need to be sacrificed to prepare nutritious food that is good for both individual health and our environment. Eating one of her meals shows just how far vegan food has come. I still crave her mushroom risotto and dream of her quinoa and roasted butternut squash salad bowl with miso ginger vinaigrette.
As a chef, Caroline excels in understanding the important relationship between fresh, local and organic produce to creating taste while providing maximum nutritional benefits.  In her brief career as a professional chef, Caroline has proven herself a star at being able to balance the needs of a restaurant‘s profitability while simultaneously providing tasty nutritious vegan cuisine for all diners.  She has an insatiable appetite for continued food education and a passionate desire to create tastier and healthier meals.
As a chef, she is just getting started and I look forward to following her journey as she builds on an already outstanding culinary career.
Melanie Winters

Aspiring home chef and retired strategic communications management consultant

Caroline is an excellent chef! Her knowledge is really impressive. And what she doesn’t know, she wants to learn. She’s interested in trying new ingredients and discovering dishes from all over the world. Her curiosity seems boundless.

But she does not only rely on her knowledge, she also gets really creative. She’ll invent recipes just like that. Nothing is too hard for her and she’s always up for a challenge.

She also loves to share her knowledge and her creations, as you can tell from this website. I, for one, have improved my cooking skills so much, making better, tastier and healthier food. And it’s all thanks to her.

I just love Caroline’s cuisine. She makes me want to eat at home rather than eating out. She’s that good!

Nicolas Radomski

Musician and food lover

My husband likes meat best… Knowing that you can imagine how a vegan menu for 14 days, can be for him. For me, it was perfect. With some improvising, we managed to get through.

This menu was introducing for us in 2014, by Caroline, who is a vegan and certified therapeutic chef.

Today in 2019, I still use some of the recipes, especially smoothies (my husband likes fruit/berries, and I use smoothies to survive my cravings of sweetness). I have slowly learned how to put in vegetables for meat eaters…and how to enjoy only vegetables for myself. We eat much more vegetables today than 5 years ago. My husband can even enjoy meals with rice, quinoa, barley, and vegetables – combined with his smaller portion of meat. And he doesn’t know that I have sweetened things with dates or thickened with beans or lentils. These are some of the ingredients from Caroline’s recipes.

Even if I know how to cook, it’s nice and motivating to “be taken care of”, by a menu made just for me and my household.
I recommend everyone to try more vegetables and herbs as spicier. It’s really a tasteful experience.

Kathy Fagerstrøm

Vocational teacher, Restaurant and Food Processing

If only I could run as well as Caroline cook!

Karl Young

Vegan ultrarunner

Caroline was asked to make a vegan tapas for 22 persons coming to us for a Christmas party. We had some wishes based on what we have tasted from Caroline’s cooking before. But mostly she came with suggestions and ideas. She worked very hard both with the preparation and the cooking itself.

We expected it to taste good based on previous experiences, but we were really impressed this time! All of our guests (none of them vegan) said they will never forget that meal!

And to continue to impress us Caroline managed all of the dishes to suit perfectly with the spicy homemade Christmas drink called “feuerzangenbowle” which were our theme for the night. It’s a German alcoholic drink enjoyed around the holidays, full of fruit, spices, and spirits.

We would without any hesitation recommend Caroline’s delicious vegan cooking. Food with exciting spicy tastes made with fantasy and obviously plenty of love for the vegan kitchen.

Heidi Willoch

Cognitive therapist & nurse