Blogging is storytelling at it’s finest. It’s basicly your life put into words. A sort of style of life or lifestyle as we may conclude. Have you ever thought about the importance the word LIFESTYLE has to you?

So it’s basically the style of your life. That’s pretty awesome to think about. Lifestyle is why you chose to live the way you do. Something which believe it or not has an incredible importance and big thing to say about the well being of yourself, others around you, animals, the environment and our planet. You, yeah YOU have a lot to say in our world today. You are important and your choices are important too. You have a voice which can and must be heard and used to create happiness and well being. Imagine the difference you can do for everybody in our world today. Every great person from history and today are remembered and heard because of their voice or rather their lifestyle. Think about that, that’s pretty epic!

I mostly do wish for you and others to understand the importance of your choices. So I urge you to evaluate yourself and do the best out of your life which has a great impact. Live the lifestyle which is profitable for others too. Even if you think nobody will notice you laying on your sofa eating pizza and throwing out hate messages on social media (for example) or being outside enjoying Mother earth, somehow that do affects us and yourself.

You have the choice to stand up for what you belive in. You have the choice to stand up for those that are voiceless in our world today. You have a choice to do the best out of your life as possible. You have the chance to be heard and remembered for doing good. YOU MATTER!

In this section I want to inhence the choices I’ve taken and constantly do take in my life today. Here you will find blogs like my chef stories, food reviews, restaurants around the world, alongside of good arguments about veganism, sports or other lifestyle choices. Who knows maybe I’ll share some intell about how to create recipes, just to mention a few things. I basically want to expand your food world alongside sharing things I do in life. I love to write, tell stories and talk (true story. I do talk alot). I want to help you, I want to help you light the spark in your life. To live the life you deserve!

I want to show you why I live the way I do. I don’t mean it’s THE WAY to live for everybody but I do strongly believe living and causing the least amount of harm is a good thing. I hope I can help you somehow to stand up for what you believe in and live by it.

If you could live a life free from harm, why wouldn’t you!?

– The Natural Chef –

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