Mangoes are one of my favorite fruits, just so incredibly delicious and versatile!

The flesh is juicy and so sweet. Its taste just hits your mouth like a bomb sometimes. It rocks solo and in a group, like in fruit salad, smoothies, cakes and so much more, the list is long. It’s so nice that it’s impossible to dislike this fruit. At least in my opinion.

But it’s so hard and sometimes time-consuming to cut open without throwing out a lot of the good stuff. At least that’s what people in general think and also my colleagues in the kitchen. Seeing them throw so much fruit away or use a mad amount of time to dig out the flesh is really hard to watch.

A little extra note, if you’re like me just eat the flesh around the mango stone while waiting to eat the rest. If not just use your awesome skills, cut it off and save it for the good stuff you’re making.

Now let me show you an easy and fast way to cut open a mango!

Let the mango party start!

You need:

A mango

A cutting board

A knife

A tablespoon

And your hands