A lot of times when I create new cakes and dishes I do so by a coincident. As for this one I wanted to make my apple cake  but the apples I found in our garden was so sour I just couldn’t use them. Since I had already started baking and mixing some ingredients I thought why not create a completely new cake.


The search for a kick-ass cake begun and trying to figure out what I wanted to eat was the beginning. At first I wanted to make something with coconut. Then I really wanted a more intence coconut flavour. This I know can be optained by lightly toasted the coconut in a pan until golden brown. Later on I remembered the mangoes we had in the freezer and how fruit and coconut can basicly marry each other when the flavours burst together in your mouth and makes the taste buds dance for days.

Some will still say I should have gone for pineapple but it’s fun with something more diverse and abnormal (hence if you’re more of a pineapple pina colada person just switch the mango for it. But I do think the mango flavour kicks-ass (just saying)). And voilà the basic flavours were there.


Now that’s the long, and complicated version all broken down for you guys to make you better understand the steps behind creating new dishes. But what really happend inside my head that day sounded something like “Heeeey why not make a fruit cake with limited amount of refined sugar, just using fruit as a sweetener and of course no oil (as usual). Oh coconut water will inhence the coconut flavour even more and decrese the amount of sugar needed”.

First try wasn’t to bad but I wanted to use vanilla instead of cinnamon so I had to give it a second go. With a tiny adjustment the second time, the cake was born and ready to be devoured by a lot of friends and family memebers before I would let myself share it with the rest of world.

Oh if you want a completely sugar-free cake just replace the sugar with flour and maybe more mango puree instead of the oat milk. I’m sure the cake won’t mind. I was just really happy with the result so I didn’t want to change it any more.


All of this ended up into a cake so moist, sweet and soft you won’t be able to make the different from a less healthy cake. The hint of toasted coconut and sweet mango pieces makes it one to drool over. This cake is perfect for parties and everyday life. Not to mention all vegan with no bad cholesterol. It’s per definition a way healthier cake than “normal” non vegan ones and even many vegan cakes too.


I hope you enjoy it as much as we have 🙂


Ingredients: International (in grams for one 24cm cake tin):

150gr apple, diced with skinn

80gr mango, diced

45gr (0,5dl) oat milk or other plant based milk

180gr (1.8dl) coconut water

350gr all purpos flour

165gr sugar

10gr baking soda

7gr vanilla sugar

65gr shredded coconut, toasted (in a pan until light brown colour)

120gr mango, diced


Ingredients US (in cup, for a 9″ cake tin):

1 medium apple (330 pounds), diced with skinn

1/2C mango, diced

1/4C + 1tbsp oat milk or other plant based milk

3/4C coconut water

2 1/2C all purpose flour

3/4C sugar

1 1/2 tsp baking soda

1 tsp vanilla sugar

3/4C toasted shredded coconut, toasted (in a pan until light brown colour)

1 1/2C Mango, diced



1) Preheat the oven to 175 degrees celsius / 350 degrees Fahrenheit

2) In a blender blend the apple, mango (1/2C /80gr), coconut water and oat milk until smooth.

3) In a bowl add all of the dry ingredients and stir.

4) Add the fruit mix and the left of the diced mangoes to the dry ingredients and mix.

5) Poor into a cake tin and bake for 1h.

6) Let cool 10min then take the cake out of the tin and let cool before you thow yourself over it.